Sunday, 12 February 2012


             So I managed to get angry at Disney this week. It's not just the obvious stuff that gets me, the racism, the body being falsely shown, the women being designated Princess as an occupation (which it ISN'T), the weird beauty myths that abound and the creepy way that kids are fed this junk when they are young. It's more than that, it's that no-one seems to try and show something different.

          One of the reasons I really liked Howl's Moving Castle as a film and a book that Sophie is the main character. Yes there is a romance with Howl, but there is so much more to the story that that. Sophie evolves and has a goal herself that is not to do with Howl, she is the person that her life happens to, and she has an occupation as a hat maker.

          This really stems from the fact that I bought Tangled and managed to get really angry. The first thing that kind of incensed me was that her hair was blonde not red. This is a really picky thing but this is what Rapunzel has, she has red hair to me. I like that she has red hair it makes her different to all those other blonde twits. Sleeping Beauty that I loved when I was younger was a complete nit wit, as was Cinderella. Now Snow White is not much different but at least she has a job other than Princess, though the Prince saves her and I assume gets to be a Princess.

          Really I should be over this but one of the things that really struck me about villains in Disney especially when they are women is that beauty is the goal. If you are old then beauty has to be destroyed or gained by killing/hiding the Princess. This seems to be the only goal that beauty has to be killed or gained by getting the Princess. Why? Has no-one else questioned this? It seems to be the only thing that motivated the villain in Tangled is to be young. What does being young gain her? I suppose more life but as she is busy keeping the blonde Rapunzel locked up that seems strange. Does it not play into this weird dynamic that abounds in society that being young equals good and old equals bad.     

         I don't know it just seems to me yet another film that offers yet again entertainment that doesn't show women being able to age. It's my own fault I already own Howl's Moving Castle which is awesome and I should have resisted Disney and their weird preoccupation with age and women. Still if one has to watch Disney I recommend Robin Hood it's got different animation, great songs, really good voices and a talking chicken who needs anything more?   

Mashed Potato

          Mashed potato, oh how I love you. It really is an ultimate comfort food for me. It always brings you warmth when you feel down.

        Whenever I make it I instantly feel good, mashed potato never underestimate it!

          Just looking at that makes me happy!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Losing my weekend

          So I have been on a Nora Roberts binge lately. I have been reading Daring to Dream, Holding the Dream (I love Kate), The Return of Rafe McKade, Angels Fall (I absolutely adore Joannie in that book, I think she may be my favourite secondary character in a Nora Roberts book for this week), and Inner Harbour (I real favourite of mine, but I own over 15 of her books so it's hard to pick a favourite).

          (please ignore the arrow it's the only picture I could find of the copy I have, which I really like)

         Now like any romance reader I have read Roberts and love her, and I think over 50 of her books. I think Jennifer Crusie is my favourite author of all time but Roberts is really really good. This is not a surprise to any romance reader that Nora Roberts is something that I've binged on. I was thinking about the books that I have been reading and they all have super strong female heroines, as have said I love Kate in Holding the Dream, I love a lot of things about her, but mostly her independence and stubbornness. I love how she tries to deny her weaknesses, and really fights falling in love. 

          Nora Roberts is a successful and really popular, now sometimes I get suspicious of things when everyone loves them a lot, but sometimes it's because they are really really good. This is the case with Nora Roberts. This applies to The Hunger Games, Casablanca, Portishead and doughnuts, they are all successful because they are good. 

          Nora Roberts is an amazing talent, and I lost my weekend to her. That is a good writer.   

Nail Polish

          Nial polish is something that I am slowly getting more into, I used to really like it when I was a teenager but i am getting into it again. I like the blue that I have bought best. I think that is the thing that I like the most about nail polish is that you can get it very cheaply if you know where to find it and it comes in every colour.