Sunday, 24 June 2012


        So I wanted to talk about things that made me grumpy this week. So to start I have bad reactions to things sometimes. I am going to talk about things that a lot of people like but I hate. I know this seems a hate filled topic but it's on my mind so i am going to talk about it.

So in no particular order here they are:

        Citizen Kane

        1. I hate this, I mean I loathe this film for many reasons but my hatred of this film spans suns in it's hotness. I think the people who talk about it's brilliance and all the critics and people that I have told me how wonderful it is can just STOP. I have seen it, and it's two plus hours of my life I am never getting back. Telling me to like something because it is respected or because you like it is going to have the reverse effect on me.

        2. This is one loooonnnnnggggg film. I was bored. It seemed to me dull, unimaginative and overall completely unrelatable. I had no connection to any of the people on screen.

        3. This whole thing about Rosebud, I couldn't care less. I thought overall this is a terrible film that should not have been made. Women get a raw deal as well. The psychology of the characters made zero sense to me. Again for me this film has been hyped up to the eye balls. I also hate the argument that it was considered for an Oscar and should have won, so what? Who at any rate remembers what was considered for an Oscar let alone won for the majority of the time? I felt this film really does not deserve any of the praise it has received and I am willing to put my opinion out there.


         1. Orson Welles was good in The Third Man. I am not saying that Orson Welles cannot act I thought that The Third Man was really good and he was good in it (and that has practically no women in it either to be fair).

         2. Orson Welles wrote, directed and starred in this film. That is a real achievement despite my hatred.

         3. I think I am practically the only person who thinks this. So my hate is not going to make Citizen Kane any less popular or make people talk about it any less. Though hopefully people will stop talking to me about it.


          Wuthering Heights
          1. Same number one I am afraid, I hate this book with a thousand suns. I feel that a lot of people have not read the book and for my money they would be saving time not reading it. I also had to read this for my education back doing my A-Levels. So I had to analyse this book for over a year, which trust me made me as angry as can be.

          2. If you have read the book you know that Heathcliff is an angry vindictive douche. He is only really nice to Cathy everyone else (including his wife who is not Cathy, child and Cathy's own daughter) he treats like shit. He has no redeeming qualities I mean for me NONE. Making him out to be a romantic hero makes my head explode evidently you did not read this book . If you think kidnapping someone's daughter and not letting them see their dying father is romantic then you've got more problems then this book. Heathcliff as a character has nothing to tempt me with.

          3. This book is written really strangely, it is a book that is told to the narrator, which is not any of the main characters but a lodger. Strange non? Cathy and her daughter are called the same name. Well done Bronte on called two people Cathy, which bugged me and confused me. The time frame jumps around which made it very difficult for me to follow (I don't have a problem with challenging the reader but this seems to be there for no real reason). I find the way characters talk to each other makes me very angry, and I found my understanding of it very hard hence my overall hatred.


          1. I like Emily Bronte's Poetry. I also like the way she talks about landscapes in the book. How I wish she stuck with poetry because I liked that.

          2. I never have to read this book again. I am glad though that books, any books get talked about in an educational context. It made me think about things in a constructive way.

          3. I have never seen any of the films and I will hopefully never be forced to ever. We did Get Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights that has been covered, and the song for me is good, so that's something.

          The Boat That Rocked
          1. God I hated this film soooo muuucccchhhh. My number one complaint about this film has to be I saw it in the cinema so I didn't walk out, which looking back I would of been far happier doing. I had spent over I think £7 so I was sticking it out, which made me hate this film all the more. I stopped going to the cinema after this film for about a year and a half.

          2. This film had no idea what it was about. Was it about a son finding his father? Then the whole of the middle of this film has nothing to do with that plot. Was it about censorship? Then why have the romance plot that went nowhere, and also why have that terrible joke about a guy being named Twat that is at it's worst offensive and really stupid at best irrelevant? Was it about the romance? Then I didn't care enough about it, and they spent zero time on it. Was it about the rivalry between DJs and the music industry (which I think would have at least been something interesting to me). Then why spend again no real time on it, with people I didn't like? Also when you are actively routing for everyone to drown, the film has not done it's job.

          Ultimately I think this film is really about how good the sixties were, which I had enough about at with my parents, since they are from that generation. To that argument, abortion was not made legal until 1969, it was not until 1967 that being gay was not prosecuted in Britain. The equal pay act was not made until 1970. Racism still abounded (this is still an issue that needs to be talked about now but I don't think people talk about that in relation to the 60s very much). Women were treated really badly and no-one really seemed to give a shit. It was not until 1993 that the law that made a husband capable of raping his wife was made. Britain is always changing, and 60s was not its peak forever. As Darrin O'Brien has said before me, nostalgia is heroin for old people.

           Just because things were better for whoever in that time does not mean you get to bore people with that portrayal. And this film made me hate it for that reason.

           3. This film has some amazing people in it who are for me completely wasted. Bill Nighy (who I first saw in I Capture the Castle and who in my opinion was amazing in it, he is also in the series State of Play, which is great, and he is wonderful in it), in this film he really isn't really used that much which is real shame but I don't think he had much to work with. Emma Thompson, who is in this film for like five minutes. Really? Emma Thompson who is an amazing in most of the stuff that she does. I like her in almost anything, except this because she has nothing to do and is barely in this film to make an impression. Rhys Ifans, who is incredible unlikable and not only that but dumb, but I fault the writing on that. Phillip Seymore Hoffman who I like a lot. Again this is a terrible role, there is nothing there on the page. He seems to have nothing to do but seem cool. The main character who I will forgive but really his part seemed so slight, because this film had no idea what it was about.

          Also there were hardly any women in this film. One character who was a lesbian and therefore no interest to the main characters because they couldn't have sex with her it seemed to me. The love interest of the main guy (Talulah Riley who I am not sure about, again this is a terrible film so it did her no favours, but I think she has potential to be good in other things), again her role seems so nothing, because she is hardly in it.

          Ultimately I will always hate this film, and it's 60s slavish devotion aside, my real hate has been condensed to I had no idea what this plot was about, you know what, stick to one lane and be in that lane.


           1. I am not above looking at some good looking people in dross. One of the reasons that I liked The O.C. that was fluff at it's best but it had hot people in it. The main guy in The Boat that Rocked was hot, and I could at least just look at him in the midst of the car wreck. He also fulfilled my eye candy, thin, tall and had relatively long hair and also dark hair. So he was at least some respite from this awful thing in front of my eyes.

           2. This did made me think less of Richard Curtis but I have liked films that he has made in the past, and I have always liked Four Weddings and a Funeral for Fi and Scarlet. So he can write interesting female characters, he is capable of that. The main plot doesn't really interest me but the rest of it makes up for it. I liked Love Actually, I went to see it a lot, and for me it is interesting and funny. It also uses Emma Thompson well. I like her a lot in that film.

           3. The film does at least have some music in it that I like. The 60s were a period for me which has interesting different types of music. This is a film that could have really utilised that portion of it again for me it was wasted because it had no idea what it was about, but it does at least use different types of music.

OK my spleen is vented. Again I would say I think I just got grumpy this week. But I feel better now.


         I like plaits on almost anyone.  I have gotten more into them lately since my hair is long enough that my hair doesn't come out of the plait that I put it in. I think I just like the pattern that my hair makes, and you can do crazy stuff with hair (I wish I was more invested in my hair at times), I am happy with single plaits though. So plaits are what I recommending this week.

        Although this is probably a little crazy but you know what I think plaits are pretty cool.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


         I didn't know what to write about this week, so I thought I would write about something that is happening to me. I have a crush on someone, (it's complicated and would not go anywhere). When you're in a crush I think the appeal is that you know nothing is going to happen.

        Let me explain. It's infatuation but with the bonus that you know that you never have to let reality intrude. I had some crushes at school, the whole point to having one I feel was that I was able to imbue him with all the qualities I wish he had. In school I feel it's preparing you to let you know that behaviour isn't really healthy with someone that stuff could happen with, that it isn't really fair to give random qualities to someone else.

         Well I am not 14 anymore, but it is fun to fantasise about what could be. I have been acting really weird around him, and I am sure he thinks I am a little crazy, but it will go away and my infatuation will end. Sometimes though I feel that longing and having a crush is kind of fun.

          I also have this theory about ducks and bear with me, I read in a book once about ducks getting attached to tennis balls because it's the first thing that they look at. Now I feel in a way because this guy is relatively nice to me I am attaching only on that basis and having fun having a crush. Really what I should realise is that guys can be nice, and I should expect not be surprised when they are. If/when I am ready for a relationship I hope that I won't surprised that I expect him to respect me, make me laugh and in general be a good person, because that's what we should all want, we are all worth that. 

         In the meantime though I can fantasise about my crush (I would totally have a one night stand with him, but I think that's not really on the cards), but then again reality has very little to do with the person i am crushing on. So I am just going to enjoy it, and let it go once I move house.    


          I wanted to recommend Daria this week, I loved that show when i first found it. I liked that this is a show that really celebrates the intelligent in girls, that girls are the people who see school as this shallow, vapid and unremarkable place that we all have to go through.

         I would say watch the first and second series first (the third onward has the problem of having all that boyfriend and friend shit that seems to go on in every high school thing put out). I would say that the rest of it does a really good job for me of highlighting what school is like, and the ways kids deal with it.  

         I also loved that animation is i think really cool. My favourite but has always been the sequence at the end as the characters in different guises, that has always made me laugh. Overall a great show.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


         I wanted to talk about fantasy, and not the genre this week but about the erotic strand in publishing. It seems that every few years people get up in arms about erotic fantasy and specifically erotic stories that are promoted towards women. This seems to get people in huge debates around whether it is feminist (which I think is a discussion worth having), and whether this is corrupting women (which is a discussion that is not worth having in my opinion).

        It seems to me that a lot of this is to do with trust. We don't seem to trust women that what turns them on is not for public discussion. That we have to somehow police or correct what women read or indeed get off on.

        I have an ongoing theory about this, that this is always directed towards women, what women find arousing. Is it not too far in the distant past that people had issue with women being turned on, or indeed sexually active, I mean this is come across in the now rather than the 70s or 80s. I think the real debate going on here is that women have a right to go after things that sexually excite them without having to justify them.

       I guess the analogy here is porn, there seems to me this kind of universal weird thing about being OK about that particular direction of sexuality, because it is directed towards the male experience. Porn has existed for at least a century. I am not saying that porn does not have problems that I think need to be examined, but I am talking here about general attitudes towards sexual fulfilment.

      Watching something to make you sexually excited is not intrinsically wrong as far as I think, so why is there such backlash towards women getting sexually excited at stuff written for them and by them?

       Well I really think that this is about women being denied expressing their feelings of what gets them off. There is nothing wrong with reading a dirty story and getting a vibrator and fantasising about that story.

        I think we get into trickier waters when it comes to women getting spanked or dominated. On one hand is there anything wrong with that if it is a story? It is fiction not real life that you are reading about. I think really maybe what is making everyone freak out is the idea that women want this done to them, to be dominated, or that this is a part of sexuality that exists.

      I have never done this, but I feel that people who have, more for them. Dominance and BD SM it's something that I feel unless you have done or tried to understand in real life is not for you to judge. I think the whole ides is misunderstood in real life.

      To dominate someone requires trust surely? The person being dominated surely has to trust the person doing that. I don't think this is about whips, leather and chains. It is really about control, giving someone else control over you. If that is what you want sexually then more power to you I say for asking for it, and more importantly enjoying it.

      I don't think a lot of the debates are really talking about the reality though, they are talking about reading material. To that I say fantasy is very different from reality, reading does not mean you would do it real life. Are we really going down to route of trying to control sexuality? I really don't think you can however hard anybody or society works to, it is too ephemeral, too mysterious, and ultimately much too hard to define.

     In the end I think whatever it is that sexually excited someone as long as no one is hurt in the process you might as well as enjoy it to the fullest you can. 

     I have very deliberately not mentioned the big book that has been going around, but I have done this because I have not read it. I feel that the debate goes beyond this, erotica for women has been on the market well before this, and sexy books should always be available to anyone who wants them, after all there are sexy books for everyone!


          I really like Blondie, I like their album Parallel Lines the best of their albums. I think though my favourite song is Sunday Girl which I don't think is on that album. I feel like they are are great band to listen to when you want to dance.

          They have such a wealth of great songs, and all make me feel like I want to move.