Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Challenge

   So I have not been here for a while. I've been busy it has to be said, but I have missed writing posts here, I know that I have not been the most reliable but I have enjoyed writing here so much so I am starting up again.

   I have moved to a different city, joined a choir, had a cold for a couple of days, and tried to make risotto (I think me and risotto are not really made to be together). It has been a different set of experiences, it has been great and sad all at once.

    I am going to make some changes though, so I have decided to take a different approach to this blog, nothing scary I promise. I am going to blog everyday and see how it goes. I hope to have something to say everyday. This is because I want to try something that will challenge me, and I want to talk more about this book that I am off and on writing about romances.

    I will be here for the whole month of October. It's going to be an adventure!