Sunday, 18 November 2012


   I was thinking about laughter and comedies this week. I was thinking what makes me laugh may be completely different from someone else. I was also thinking about romantic comedies both books and films. I have a high tolerance for it being bad, I will forgive bad photography, bad acting (to a certain extent), bad directing, bad set, but the one thing that shines through all of that is character and writing. I will forgive huge amounts if the medium hooks me. If the people I am engaging with really do engage me.

   I was thinking about movies that are sneaky in their romances. Tremors is undoubtedly a horror movie. I am not a fan of horror, well it's more like a creature feature, but it's still about life and death. This plot revolves around defeating the creatures. What I like about this film is that the rules are very simple and never broken. In a way for me this film really shows you how to create trouble and very clearly shows the acts of the film through these things in the ground that eat you.

    I am a huge fan of this film and it does everything right as far as I am concerned in showing how a good movie structured correctly and that rules need to be made in order for films to work.

   Tremors is also sneaky with it's romance. It sneaks it in the B plot, this is not a romantic comedy but it is comedic. Also the stakes are really high in this instance of life and death. The romance in believable. The is the last shot of the film the lovers together, tells you something. I think this is a great film, and is a great example of character being the primary thing to concern yourself with, because it is what the audience will first grab, and if you falter the audience will not be with you.

   A quick thing about Tremors, the effects in it may not be the best,and look a little dated, but you can tell that they were practically done. That I think makes the film wonderful, and the creatures all the more real. CGI when done correctly can be great, but when creating something that lives in the ground they made the right choice, it definitely pays off.    

   Which leads me to The Mummy, another creature feature at it's heart. This film is all about love, doomed love in the Mummy, and hopeful lively love in Evie and Rick. It really is about these two relationships. This is another film that I think is simply and clearly set out. There are rules and they follow them. Nothing is broken here including character.

   When I say simple I do not mean dumbed down, I mean that it easy to understand. The audience understands the dilemmas put forth, but they also understand the world that they have been invited into is clear. This is not muddy, confusing or glaring with holes that make not sense. This is what craft, character and story should follow.

   There are plenty of film that break the rules successfully but I have to say a lot don't and confuse the hell out of me. These films have everything to recommend them, but most of all the characters in them are wonderful.



Sunday, 11 November 2012


   I am quite ill this week, not really helped by the fact that I have had a really bad nights sleep for two days. So this week's post isn't going to be all that long. 

   So colds are not really the best thing to have happen, but in the end you just need to remember that this will pass, which I am trying to do.

   A couple of things though to note, having soup always makes me feel better when sick, nothing all that surprising about that, but soup is easy to make and make you feel great.

   That looks really good.

   Always have enough tissues, when I've been sick before I have not had enough tissues, and it really does not go well. Tissues are always good to have, and I made sure this weekend that I had enough.

   Eat, even when you feel like crap. It's important to keep on this, because this is about taking care of yourself. When your reserves are falling I find I really need to hunker down and make sure I eat. And it does feel like a real time suck when you are sick, but it is worth it.

   Make sure that you are warm enough, always good to note. But I have really had to keep watch on making sure I don't get really cold.

   And lastly rest. Sometimes even when not asleep if in bed and resting, it makes you feel better, or at least for me. I tend to forget that pushing yourself when you're sick extends your sick time.

   I'm not all that sick, but I tend to be way too lenient. What I mean by that is that a couple of Christmas's ago I was really sick, hacking up phlegm and not sleeping properly for about a week. It got really bad, and I nearly fainted about twice while getting food in that week. I insisted on just getting through it. 

   Really it is best to be kind to yourself when sick, and having a cold is being sick. It really effects your breathing, especially when trying to sleep.  

   This will pass, and hopefully will feel a lot better next week!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

False Balance

   I managed to get really quite irate this week at of all things a review programme on the BBC. I like the BBC a lot but it is elitist and largely has programmes with and about white, able bodied middle class men, and is run by them. This happens to be true of quite a lot of organisations let's face it, but it something to keep in mind when irritated.

   So first the Review programme is I think something I have to at least take with a pinch of salt. This is not the only opinion people about TV or books. This is also about the arts, I think that is a bigger discussion to be had about what the state is for funding and how people perceive art, but this is not helping it's case as far as I am concerned.

   I also hate this idea of balance, the panel was conceived of two men and women. Why? Is having four women that bad? Indeed why have four people? And if we are really going for balance let it be actually thought about, why all white? Why all in the same money bracket, why not have all queer people on the panel? Why not have people on who are not all from Britain? Why not have people on the panel that really want to question and be curious about this stuff rather than all the tired and frankly boring opinions being spouted again and again. Not yet again having two women and two men to apparently have balance which is fact nothing of the kind.

   Now getting to what they were discussing, and what made me in fact switch channels. They were talking about a book called The End Of Men, I can't remember who it was by, this doesn't really matter in terms of what bothered me so much. First of all I am never going to read it, for various reasons but mostly I can't be bothered to read another book that is supposed to be about feminism and won't shut up about men, or looking at how hard done by they are. The title also brings up yet again this whole thing about feminists being men haters. Frankly I couldn't give a fuck about what gender you are as long as you are not a douche then that's what I care about.  

   They were talking about this book, and both men were taking the position that they all know that women do things. Oh big fucking deal, pat yourself on the back for actually thinking that women are people. Good for you. May I just remind you that there is something like a 15% wage gap between men and women, so us doing things doesn't seem to have the same effect as YOU doing them. Women do something like 75% of the work world world and get paid very little (not going into the debate about housework that is still done by the majority of women and is not paid at all). I can understand in a way that you want to indicate that you are not one of the oppressors, that you respect women, well that statement didn't really do the job.

   Then as my blood was coming to boil it damn right reached maximum hotness when one guy said that the tone of this book, made him think of a feminist that used to get into argument with him being the editor of Loaded, and then at the end of the night ask him for a shag. I am paraphrasing. 

   I must admit, if I had been there I would have told him he was a really big douche bag, punched him in the face and walked out, but I wasn't which is probably for the best. First why should I take his word that this happened? If it did then I don't really think it is appropriate to give this as an example that all feminists are like this, one feminist is according to him, but I hardly think this applies to this novelist or in fact a movement.

   This also brings up that tired argument that all a feminist needs is a good fuck with a penis and she'll stop talking. Trying to silence women is not cool, nor is indicating that people and in particular women who object to lads mags are all looking in fact for a man to shag them. As we all know that objecting to something means you are lying to yourself, which isn't bloody true.

   Lads mags I have to say here I don't look at them unless they really are overwhelmingly obvious to the point that I can't look away from them. The stuff that is in them to me is vile. If you want to look at naked women with a quite a lot of misogyny thrown in, it doesn't effect me. This did. Having a former editor of such a magazine on a show that is discussing feminism, should I really be surprised by his comment? No I'm not really, but I am surprised that in the favour of balance I get to hear feminism and women disrespected. That such a guy who used to edit a magazine that not only revels in objectifying women, but has the tone that all women are good for is being an object without thought, curiosity or indeed any aspect to her that shows she is in fact a fully fleshed human being, would be a balanced person on a panel baffles me and frankly makes me really angry.

   We are better than this kind of misogynist shit being put forward in the name of trying to get a balance of gender. I deserve seeing a programme dealing with a book about feminism that doesn't spit on it. I deserve better than having my anger come to the rise at some idiot that is given a voice to millions. I also actually want a decent hour of television that discusses art well. Screw balance, give me respect and passionate people who aren't douches. That would be great.




   I recently went to the cinema to see Argo actually. I forgot how good and enthralling going to the cinema can be. This happened to be showing at the town hall but none the less there is something quite enchanting about watching something on the big screen.

   I did like the film a lot, but there are some flaws. I don't know whether it is getting a wide release all over the UK I saw it as part of the film festival going on where I am at the moment. I am planning on going to some other stuff as well. I think it'll be really fun.

   Anyway what I am recommending this week is going to the cinema, I had forgotten how much I liked the experience. The big screen it's really lovely.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

So what have I learnt?

   I wanted to have and end to this month of posts. So what have I learnt from this Dorothy?

   Well I love writing and doing it regularly has been a great experience. It hasn't all been fun and games though, but it has really made me sit down and write something every day. That is really been very good for me. There is a bit in The Book of the Banshee that the hardest part is putting yourself in a chair and beginning. And you know what, it really does start with the intent.

   Another thing is that this has been educational, is what I write about and what I find interesting. I think I am going to this twice a week. So I'll post a recommendation and another one twice a week. So the next one will be on Sunday.

   This has been great, and that people have been reading what I have said is kind of thrilling.

   I have been going through a hard time in the last couple of years, and i think I am finally learning to breathe and to swim without drowning.

   So this has been wonderful, and I will be posting regularly. Oh and I think we all have learned that I love books, and always will! That is something that has never changed.

   See you on Sunday!