Friday, 30 August 2013

Bookclub! The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine

   So this month's bookclub is The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine which I think I did formally pick a long time ago for another bookclub but had forgotten what this book was about.

   So I liked a lot about this, it's funny I laughed a lot at this book in particular the descriptions of how Miranda does things. I am also one of those people that is really into adaptations of Austen just as in anyway.

   I found it a little too fantasy, in that this people seem very privileged, I think the core difference for me at least that in Austen's time these women would have no other choice but to stick together. I re-read Sense and Sensibility again this month and I found that most of the people in that book are very silly and that the only person who I could hook onto was Eleanor. The problem that these women are in, is that they have no money and are forced by circumstances out of their control to live on very limited means.

   I think money is what governs what women did, and they really have no other options, but to live together and try and make the best of the situation and the company they have. They can't get money in any other way other than marriage, and the book (and the Ang Lee Film) really make that clear.

   This is different. Of course it is to make it modern but I don't know whether it translates as well.

   Having said this, it's within the source material itself. I did like it, but I had reservations. I'm glad I read it a second time and I really liked the ending it's different but I felt was in keeping with the tone.

    Next month: Anywhere but Here by Jenny Gardiner (to be discussed on the 27th of September last Friday of the month, I'm really looking forward to that one!)

Friday, 16 August 2013

Hemming and Closing

   I have been a little on my heels lately, and in a bit of stale period in terms of creativity. I did two things though this week that made me really happy. I hemmed my first pair of jeans (these were 4 inches too long), I have found if you sew near the edge of the gold thread then you don't notice it as much rather than going to the bother of buying gold thread to match it. When I get a digital camera I'll show people my creations (that always makes want to go ha ha!) but they look OK and I'm really happy they won't be trailing in the floor.

   This also made me really happy in using my sewing machine. It makes me feel like I'm a proper sewer, and can achieve goals in doing things. Altering things seems straight forward but this I found both enjoyable and challenging. I've never done it before but it all turned out well!

   I also this week finished The Severn Sisters by Margaret Drabble. This is my first book I've finished on my challenge. It has a lot that I felt uncomfortable with, and has a unreliable narrator but the way Drabble writes I was intrigued by this book. It definitely pushing me with my reading. It unsettled me with how this seemed first world problems.

   This book has a lot of things that I felt were interesting, but does it make it a book that I want to read again? The answer has to be no, and I don't know whether I want to read by Drabble, I liked her writing style, so maybe I should try another book.

   It felt unusual but I want to read about people who are not the same as me, or enclosed in such small worlds (the main character does go to Italy but her view seems really small), perhaps that is the point of the book, but I am still unsure.

   One thing it made me curious about was Virgil, but I have limited time to read stuff that I want. Overall I'm pleased I finished the book and want to carry on my reading plan with That Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, I really looking forward to it! 

   My recommendation this post is The Decoy Bride, that is not a great poster but the posters for romantic comedies are always a crap shoot for me, but this is a film worth seeing for me. This is a romantic comedy that I found quite by chance on sale somewhere. I really like the actors in it Kelly MacDonald and David Tennant but it's also a genre of film that I didn't even know that I liked which is that it takes place on a Island. The story probably has a million holes in it but I am not picky when it comes to great character and a romantic comedy that makes me happy. This has both.

   For me the chemistry between the two here makes the film really great, it makes Scotland look beautiful and has a great soundtrack. For romantic comedy lovers that like theirs a little off the mainstream this for me ticks all the boxes.