Friday, 13 September 2013

My awesome list

   I thought I would for fun give a list of things that I have done while being single. There has always been a skewed view to me (especially towards women) that being part of a couple is always more fun than being single. Au contraire. I have out together a list of awesome things that I have enjoyed whilst being alone.

   1. I can watch movies all through the night. It's been awesome. I also get to dictate which ones I watch and how long. I get to watch them all laugh and eat what I want. Joyful!

   2. Similar to number 1, I get to read what I want when I want. There is no compromise on my time. I don't have to fit my time on a schedule. It's all mine and reading is a thing that is solitary and a thing I love. One of my favourite books as a child was Matilda, I love the illustrations by Quentin Blake in the book as the one above is, it still makes me happy that picture.

   3. Masturbate. I mean that masturbation is a solitary activity. It does not include anyone else, and I can indulge whenever I want.

   4. Going to places on your own can be very enlightening. You are also not inhibited by what other people want to do. Want to go to a bookshop on your own? Go! Want to go for a walk by the river and stop and look at the water for however long you want? Go! Want to go to the movies? Go!

   5. Sleep. Oh sleep, how I love thee. I love sleep even more on my own. You can roll around and put yourself in any position without considering anyone else. It feels great to me.

   6. I like to go to art galleries or exhibitions on my own. You are on your own timetable in this context. I am a loner at heart, but I like to form my own opinion about it on my own and see the stuff at my own pace.

   Many of these things you can do whilst with someone else spending time with yourself, and would encourage anyone to do it. There are people who would find all this time on their own not to their palate. I totally get that, but sometimes you want to be on your own and do all the things on your own.

   It's great to be single as well as in a couple. Let's celebrate both!

   Two recommendations this week. I recently found Yo, Is This Racist? (both the blog and podcast), I fell in love with each. Really funny and enlightening. I really like the guests on the podcast and the host Andrew Ti. Jenny Slate and Aparna Nancheria are among my favourite guests. I really like the blog too, I love his replies to the questions.

   Something that I have been listening to for a while is Girl on Guy a podcast hosted Aisha Tyler. Among my favourite guests have been Adam Savage, Jackie Kashian and Margaret Cho.
   That's another thing you can enjoy on your own listening to podcasts :)