Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bookclub! Anywhere but Here By Jenny Gardiner

   This month's bookclub is coming a day late. The book I chose is Jenny Gardiner's Anywhere but Here.

   I read this on my kindle but I love that cover. This book is a road trip and I loved the main characters of Mary Kay and Smoothie. I laughed at the conversations and situations that crop up. I also liked that Mary Kay is the person that carries the motivation of the this road trip.

   I liked the various characters that they meet along the way, and I really like the narrative about driving through landscape. I really liked the book overall and thought it was really fun.

   I have decided that as I am getting to be really busy in November, I am going to shift the bookclub to the first Friday in December, and I am picking The Bake Off by Beth Kendrick to be discussed on the 6th of December. The date might well change to later if people have a preference. This will be the last in the year, and I think I will do a bookclub in review.

   Anyway if you haven't read it I would really advise you to, it's fun and cheerful!