Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bossy Boots Bookclub Picks

   So the Bossy Boots bookclub is now starting up. The first book is going to be discussed for the last Friday of each month, which in February is the 27th. I have decided what my Bookclub picks are going to be for the next three months, and they are:

   February: The Pearl Jacket and Other Stories: Flash Fiction from Contemporary China ed. and translated by Shouhua Qi.

   I know almost nothing about this book but I am really intrigued and excited by the idea of flash fiction (according to the blub stories that are 100-300 words long). This has 120 stories in it. I am really intrigued about reading this (I have already reserved this at my library).

   March: Sari's in the City by Rekha Waheed.

   I have only really read Rachel Gibson under the publishing of Little Black Dress Books but this author looks interesting to me and I really like the cover.

   April: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

   This is sort of a cheat as I read it as a teenager but all of it has fallen out of my head, so I think it's allowed, well it's going to be as I am a bossy boots! I am also a huge fan of Pratchett so I know it's going to be a fun and good read.   

   This week I am going to recommend this movie No which I recently saw in a cinema, this was nominated for an Oscar last year under the Foreign film category. The two things I liked most about it was the way it was shot on cameras that they would have had in 1988, and the images they show in advertising. It's an interesting concept the idea of advertising politics, there are some violent scenes but not that many. I thought that is was really well done. The main performance of Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal is really good in this as well.   

Monday, 13 January 2014

It's OK not to be happy

   So to bring everybody up I am going to talk about not having to be happy. What do I mean by this? Well it's hard to admit that you aren't happy, and I personally feel much better than I have done over the last year, but that means I am getting back to functioning rather than seeing Rainbows and Unicorns everywhere.

   One of my favourite pieces of dialogue in Garden State was Zach Braff's conversation with his father at the end, he says: when was the time when I was happy, or that we were all happy? When was it? I am paraphrasing, and he says it because his father tells him all he wants for him to be happy. What I like about it is that in the end of the interaction there is an acceptance of them being both present in the state that they are in the now.

   There is a lot of other faults in that movie, but that notion of not striving for this happy past but looking to being OK with how you are now. That is something that really resonated with me.

   I have struggled for a long time with being OK with not being happy. It is far better to realise that you have a future where it is possible that misery isn't dragging you in down in it's claws. I am far less miserable than I have been for a very long time. I still have bad days, we all do, but they come far less often.

   I have also come to the conclusion that happiness is in the eye of the beholder, far too often this statement of I only want you to be happy, is a strange trap. Of course I want to be happy but it is no longer something I bash myself over the head with if I don't achieve it. There is so much that pleases me, excites me, motivates me but happiness is not the nirvana I thought it was. I feel much better by being what I am at this moment, and liking that person that I am.  I also love that picture above a lot, and it's all about being OK!

   On a positive note thank you so much Launa Mckensie for saying that you like my blog and nominating it for an award. It made my week, I almost cried. Thank you, the Betties you have made my bad days bearable and my good days all the more worth celebrating. You are a community that I feel privileged to be a part of. 

   On a New Year note, I no longer want to read stuff that feels like work nor stuff that has massive triggers for me. I liked Beth Ditto's memoir but it is raw and for me brings up a lot of bad stuff. So a New Year, a new me, I want to read more authors I have never read (at least one a month) and be OK with not finishing life is too short to read something I am not enjoying, I am a very big reader but want stuff in my reading that is enjoyable, yes I want to push myself but I'm not going to struggle to read something, that is not fun. That is my new reading thing more fun books by authors I have not read.

   Two songs this week that I am going to recommend by the same singer Roisin Murphy. I absolutely fell in love with two songs from her this month. The first being Ruby Blue which you can find here:

   The second being The Truth, which I found out was by her quite by accident (it's on an episode of Person of Interest, second of the first season) which you can find here:
   There is something both honest and retro about both of these songs that I cannot get enough of.