Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Guilty Pleasures

   Sometimes I am in the mood for something that is delicious but a guilty pleasure. I have quite a high bar for things not making much sense and being ridiculous. The thing that I really admire about the term though is one person's guilty pleasure is another person's awful piece of media, or great piece of art, it is in the eye of the beholder.

   Anyway onto my true guilty pleasures. In no particular order:

   Broken Arrow.

   This movie is super dumb, macho and really unbalanced. It still appeals to me somehow, I think because both Slater and Travolta know the movie that they are in. It is ridiculous and the motivations behind what people do make no real sense. I don't know sometimes I am in the mood for something dumb. Also the fight at the end someone get hits repeatedly with a crow bar and it seems to make no real difference to their fighting, or even more unbelievably getting shot in the arm. This is definitely a movie about men and their macho fights but it definitely makes me laugh rather then get mad, so it's guilty pleasure.


   It's real dumb everyone and there is a lot of stuff that is on the edge of useless and funny. I could watch Tom Hanks in a dumb movie any time, and he sells the thin premise. I also just can't stop laughing at the fight in pool with the snake, it's super dumb but sometimes my taste is dumb. It also has Christopher Plumber acting up a storm so it makes it kind of redeemable, not by much though, which is why it's a guilty pleasure.

   Turner and Hooch.

   Another Tom Hanks movie. I actually tend to like his movies more early in his career, he's cute yes but I don't know he doesn't take himself as seriously in the early comedies. This is a super guilty pleasure it's about a man and dog and the romance with the vet. I could watch him try and get the dog in the bath all day. I also think that the romance in this is kind of charming, especially when they paint her room together. This though is  guilty pleasure if nothing else for the comedy they get out of the dog. It still makes me laugh really hard though.

   Rosemary and Thyme.

   So the premise of this is Gardeners that solve crimes. Yes you read that correctly. Usually the crime has something garden related to it. Sometimes when I am watching a crime show I want my brain not plugged in and I can follow what's going on easily. Admittedly some of the motivations make very little sense but that's not what I am watching it for.

   To me what I really love about this show is that it centres on two older women in a business together who are intelligent and talk to each other. There is rarely romance that centres on either of them which I actually like. The thing that I really hooks me to it is when they talk to each other and solve the crime together.

   It is ridiculous in the way the crimes follow them around. This is not prime television hence it being a guilty pleasure but if I want to see a crime show that gives screen time to women and isn't too complicated, this is the show.

   I have to say it is a very British show, whenever they stay anywhere it's always in a pub with great beams. There is also an episode with Phyllida Law who I have always liked, she was in Kingdom as well (and fun fact she is Emma Thompson's mother). The leads are great particularly Pam Ferris who I love but I really like Felicity Kendall too. Definitely a guilty pleasure but I binged on it last week and it made me smile.  

   I found a couple of weeks ago the posts Dave Holmes did for Vulture going through past top 40 records. I found about this via Pop Culture Happy Hour (and NPR podcast) but I wanted to link to the one that made me laugh a lot, which mentions Passions the soap which sounds past nuts into completely insane. This is what I an recommending this week. Here is the link:

   It made me want to read everything he's done for Vulture. It made me laugh so hard.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Some things that made me feel better

   I had a pretty shit week last week, hence the absence, but I am now feeling better. It's amazing what making chocolate cake can do for you, that and getting proper sleep.

   So while I was in my super shitty mood there were a couple of things that made me feel marginally better. Sometimes it helps to watch a silly trailer or a thing that is uplifting.

   So I genuinely felt a little better after watching Wil Wheaton tell people at a convention why being a nerd is awesome. When he says 'You find the things that you love, and you love them the most that you can' it still makes me so happy. This is quite old by now, but it made me feel better in the moment, and you can see the link here:

   Sometimes watching something that is terrible also makes me feel better, like the trailer for the upcoming Katherine Heigl TV series due out in the fall in the US.

   To start I am not going to say that I hate her as an actress I don't know her work well enough. She may surprise everyone by doing an indie and reinventing herself. I want women to be on TV and do well. This though God it made me laugh. It takes itself from this trailer so seriously. It just seems so ridiculous including the tag line 'All The President's Men are nothing compared to her.' Just wow. 

   I will say the other women in the cast from the short amount you see them they actually do well. Including Alfre Woodard who I like a lot and is a really great actress (plus as a purely fluff thing looks amazing), and she's the President which I like in this. However you can see the link here to State of Affairs and laugh along with me, and be bad along with the rest of us on the low road:

   This also made me smile so much. I love Madeline Kahn so much in everything. This I didn't even know existed until last week. She's singing with Carol Burnett, it just makes me happy. They also both look like they are having such fun, it really made me feel less mad. You can find it here:
   I also found last week this interview with Meera Syal, I have actually been to a live interview with her. I just really like her and really like the stuff that she does. I think also she was in episode of Doctor Who which just makes her more cool to me. You can find it here:

   One of my guilty pleasures is Sister Act and what I really like in that film is the singing arrangements. Oh Maria is my favourite. The whole film is actually really fun, with Whoppi Goldberg being really cool. Anyway here is Oh Maria the song. It kind of never fails to make me at least smile for the music alone:

   Anyway here is to a less shitty week!


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Making my Skirt, part 7: the Hem and the End!!!

   I have a finished garment!!!!

   I don't know whether the pictures came out that well but I am very happy with it. I have a skirt you guys!!
   A few things, doing the zip for next time I am going to sew it so there is a couple of cms between the top and the waistband, because I found it a little hard to handle. With this I learn by doing it and seeing how I want to do it for next time. With the hem I didn't pin it very well, I did have to pin it by about 3 and half inches so I will probably pin past 12 inches rather than 10, so the hem would be 1 and half inches. This meant it's a little bumpy, but overall I am super pleased!
   I really enjoyed doing this on my blog, so I think my next project will be a pinafore dress. That would be using the same pattern for this skirt and then adding a square front and then straps. If I do it well (including the fabric that I want to use) then I'll probably make more than two. I already have buttons as well so it will be a fun project.
   To end though I am really, really, happy with the finished skirt!!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Oppression Olympics

   I've been thinking about this phrase for a while. Oppression has happened to almost everyone I know. Oppression now that I have thought about it for a while is about how other people treat you according to what their perception of you is. Whatever it is, I always try to remember that it says much more about them than me.

   Oppression can be overt and covert as well. It is all very well to talk about it in the abstract but it is when people try to top themselves in how bad things were for them. It reminds me of the Monty Python sketch about four Yorkshire men which you can find here: 

   It is about how bad their living circumstances are, starting off in a house, ending up in a river as my memory serves.

   It is a funny concept in that sketch and it is a little removed. It is similar to the conversation that happened in the episode of Will and Grace, talking about making business deals. They talk about pulling out cards, the 'gay' card as well as the 'girl' card, that gives them more oppression. It's funny but it's really removed.

   I know that I have participated in that kind of behaviour, this horrible thing happened, and it's as if you want the gold medal in the oppression Olympics. No, no my story and my thing was the worst thing that ever happened.

   Ultimately I don't think it helps anyone. What we should be mad about is the people who put the oppression on us. I think it sometimes is easier to try and fight about who got the worse out of the deal. Feminist have said this before me, but I think the analogy is apt, it's like people are fighting over how to get a bigger piece of the cake, I want a completely different cake to begin with.

   So I am trying my best not to try and put myself in the ring of the Oppression Olympics and instead listen and try and make a different cake. That idea makes me happy.


   I am going to recommend Yo, is this Racist? This is both a blog and a podcast. I have not been listening to it for a while and have really enjoyed catching up on the episodes of the podcast. This is something that sounds weird but it's funny and the guests all know what type of podcast it is. I really like it. I think that I have recommended this before but I am going to recommend it again as it's always good to listen to.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Making my Skirt, part 6: Sewing the Waistband

   I sewed on the waistband today with bias binding that I bought quite a while ago. It was quite fiddly to do. Making a fold of the edge as well as folding the strip of bias binding. I just want to explain that I used bias binding because it has a little bit of stretch. With just ribbon for example it might pucker when applying it.

   I'm pleased with how it looks now. I really like the purple against both colours. So far so good. I have only the hem to do which will be next week and then it will be done! I'm really happy that I am near finishing something that I've been thinking about for a good year and a half.

   So on the next week, the hem. I am going to have the hem at least an inch or two further up as I want it knee length. Then it will be finished!