Friday, 28 November 2014

Bookclub! Kinky Gazpacho by Lori L. Tharps

   It's that time again for bookclub! This month it's Kinky Gazpacho by Lori L. Tharps.

   I found it interesting, how she talks about language. I also found it interesting the culture gap between Europe and America to her. This is a personal story about how she finds Spain, and how she deals with the racial baggage that comes with both countries. I really liked it. 

   This is the last bookclub for this year, but I am going to to this again next year.  I will also definitely do a year review of the bookclub here, in the next week or so. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

50 Things Making me Happy

   It's been a rocky few weeks for various reasons that I am not going to go into. So I have decided to embrace the things that have made me happy. So in no particular order here they are:

   The song Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar by Flying Lotus, the video as well as the music hit me full force. You can find it here:

   The song Shake It Off by Florence and the Machine. It made me dance around in my room, you can find it here:

   The Tumblr from Black Girls Talking. I have linked to the podcast, but the Tumblr makes me happy. You can find it here:

   Footloose by Kenny Loggins and the video always makes me happy, in particular the close ups of just feet dancing:

   This picture of Grace Jones, it is something I have always liked:

   This Banksy picture:

   The book The One Plus One by JoJo Moyes. I liked it a lot. 

   The song Every Other Freckle by alt-J. This video has two versions, the first one I think I like the most, but I am going to include both which you can find here:


   The colour of deep deep purple. 

   The Song Jet by Wings. This also made me dance around in my room, you can find it here:

   The audio book of Rock Chick Rescue (which is where I actually found out about the song Jet). It's read by Susannah Jones, I have seen a lot of internet reviews that really don't like the heroine of this book, too passive and unable to see her own worth. I actually think this is one of the strongest books of the Rock Chick series for me. It also helps for me that this is a book written in first person, so for me that means I really hook onto the heroine. Other books by Ashley I have found problematic but this one hooked me from the start because of the heroine (it helps that I find it really funny as well).  

   The fact that on Twitter there is an account of Dorothy Parker quotes.  

   My kindle always makes me happy.

   This Christmas song by Low, I am kind of on the fence about Christmas songs but this one i really like. You can find it here:

   Talking of other Christmas songs I really like this cover of Fairy Tale in New York, by Florence and the Machine and Billy Bragg is one which you can find here:

   I was reading an old Mills and Boon novel by Ruth Wind. She was one of my favourite authors growing up, in particular the book Beautiful Stranger. What I really like about this book is that it shows how intimate sex can be and how frightening that can be for both people involved. The fat politics isn't great (the heroine is fat and loses weight but for me it's handled well) but in 2001 it's pretty good and for me it's a story that I go back to, mainly because the romance is so well done.   

   The smell of limes and lemons mixed together - perfect!

   The smell of new books, ambrosia to me. 

   bell hooks really just because. 

   The old Monty Python bit about Wuthering Heights in semaphore. It still makes me laugh. 

    The Song No Children by the Mountain Goats, I know that I've linked to this before, but I still love it, you can see it here:

    This song by Victoria Wood always makes me happy. You can find it here:

    Issa Rae has a book called The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl coming out that I really want to read. 


   Writing is something that makes me happy and that I enjoy. 

   The movie Hanna.

   The music to the movie Hanna by The Chemical Brothers.

   This Ted Talk about periods: It's great and I love the speaker, Chella Quint. 

   This spoken word poem, performed by Catalina Ferro. It's fucking amazing:

   This spoken work poem performed by Sarah Kay and Phil Kay. It really hit me full force about the soul deep friendships that we can have with people. You can find it here:

   That I have finally bought the book Wild Swans and am looking forward to diving into it. 

    Listening to the audio book of Open Season by Linda Howard, I think mainly because I laugh so hard at the bit about the condoms.   

   Making cakes.

   In fact baking sweet stuff always makes me happy, I think I will want to start doing more of it. I have not yet cracked making an apple crumble that I really like, I think I'll enjoy experimenting. 

   I completely forgot how much I loved the series of The Avengers, here in the UK that aired I think in the sixties and seventies. My first ever girl crush that I had on anyone was Emma Peel. I think partly because there was never any sexual tension between her and Steed and I really appreciated that they were a team that solved crimes, that she was not just a girl attached to him. I have always loved Diana Rigg ever since. 

   Which is probably why I love this picture:

   It was also why I was a big fan of her detective series The Mrs Bradley Mysteries. I think the episodes are quite hard to find but if you can find them they were quite fun (I really liked the first episode of the first season). I think I also just loved her character (this was a series where she would address the camera which I think worked out well in this for me). 

   This picture of Gabourey Sidibe always makes me happy, she is amazing:

   The movie Pitch Perfect.

   Need Your Love So Bad by Fleetwood Mac always makes me want to slow dance with someone, you can find it here:

   This interview segment hosted by Kevin Pollak he's interviewing Glen Hansard and he talks about Van Morrison, I thought it was a great story and Hansard talks about music in a such a great way, you can find it here:

   This song My Boyfriend's Back by The Angels. The quality isn't that great, and it's definitely not a feminist anthem by any means, but there is something about the harmonies and the way they sing to each other that really captures a joy. You can find it here:   

   I have always loved this song and always will. Hot Topic by Le Tigre, you can find it here:

   The podcast The JV Club. It always has interviews on there that I find interesting. 

   Following NPRs Code Switch on Twitter. 

   Following Linda Holmes on Twitter.

   Finding out about Spotify this week.

   Finding this version of These Boots are made for Walkin' by Nina Sinatra YouTube. You can find it here:

   The Toast has now a sister site called The Butter run by Roxanne Gay, I am super excited and cannot wait to read all of the articles, there are quite a few already. Here is Roxanne Gay answering questions about the site:

  Those are 50 things making me happy!