Friday, 23 January 2015

My Week of Birthday Fun

   My Birthday is next week (on Monday) and I have decided to plan a week of fun. Partly for the hell of it, but I have also discovered that there is a reason that I didn't like Birthdays in the past. It's because I tended to try and please everyone else around me and I tended not to think about what I wanted. 

   So I have decided that I am going to have a week of fun. On Monday I am having cake and presents. On Wednesday I am going to some art galleries, I am also going to the dentist, not at all fun on that day, but I am going to reward myself by going to galleries and taking some pictures for myself. 

   On Thursday I have decided to challenge myself and see if I can make a skirt in one day. It's going to be a challenge but I really want to see if I can do it. On Friday I am going to a gig. Some of the stuff I have planned makes me feel a little anxious, but it all is in the goal of me having a good time, and trying to do stuff I want to do. So we'll see how it goes!

   On a side note I am happy that I am writing more here as well with romances I am trying my best at the moment to give some life too. I am really hesitant to talk about them, as one I feel like I am never going to finish them, and that they are absolute drivel. I am trying to get myself in the frame of mind that this is something that I want and like to do. And who cares if it is the worst writing that has ever been created, the point is I like it and even if it never sees the light of day it gives me immense pleasure to write about the stories in my head. So it's a little hard but so far but I like it. I have gotten to 30,000 words on one, that is the most I have gotten through. It'll be interesting to see if I can push through this and write more on what I want. 

   This week I am going to recommend the audio book of Jill Shalvis's Forever and a Day, read by Erin BennettI recently got a subscription from Audible for Christmas and I have been in heaven listening to all my romances that I love in audio format. It's the audio that I am really in love with, there is something so soothing about being read to, I have been so into this lately. This is a book I go back to. I think Lucky in Love is also a book that I love to listen to read by Suehyla El Atta, those books are definitely my two favourites from Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series of novels. It's been so great to have these books in an audio format, it makes me experience to book in a different way as well. 

   I have included a picture of a cupcake just because I like cupcakes, and I I think it ties in with the the theme of Birthdays. It helps that the background is blue.    

Friday, 16 January 2015

Bossy Boots Bookclub picks for February, March and April

   So it is this time of year again everyone for Bossy Boots Bookclub to start (I am very excited!). I have decided what I want to pick for February, March and April. I am looking forward to reading what I've picked so here we go:

   February: In Another Man's Bed by Francis Ray. 

   I know almost nothing about this book apart from the fact the plot intrigues me. I am looking forward to this though.

   March: Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay.

   I am really looking forward to reading this essay collection. I have purposely kept away from anyone's opinion about it, but I look forward to diving in to this. 

   April: The Secret history of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore.

   I really like Wonder Woman as a character, I have huge problems with the way she is sexualised (which began from the start of her character), but I am looking forward to reading about this character that I know almost nothing about. 

   The first book In Another Man's Bed will be posted about on the last Friday of February which is the 27th of that month. So these are my picks any and all welcome to join. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Some Links!!!

   It's the New Year, and I thought I would share some links of stuff that I liked in the past year. 

The Mary Sue, it's something that I check every day and I really like how it's varied about the stuff that I find interesting. You can find it here:

   Fuck Yeah Feminists. This is also something that I check every day, there is always something there that makes me take interest. It's a great name for a blog as well. You can find it here:

   Ethiopienne. This is a tumblr that I have recently started to follow, I really like the varied stuff that she puts up there. I check it a lot and really like it. You can find it here:

   Heroes and Heartbreakers. This is my romance addiction coming to the for. I love this website, I check it every day it has all my romance needs, and it helps that it has a great sense of humour. Following my promise about trying different romance outlets this is not the only website that I follow, and don't always buy or read what they talk about or recommend and it doesn't a lot of the time follow my taste (I am not much for a paranormal romance, or romances with the trope of couples being reunited) but there is always something that makes me laugh on this. It really engages me with romance as a genre and it talks about movies, books and other stuff. I am really glad that I follow this. You can find it here:

   I know that I have linked to this twitter account before but it is worth it for how funny she is. You can follow @TropeHeroine on twitter. It always make me laugh so much.

   I re-read this essay on liking problematic things. I know that it had been linked to and talked about at length everywhere on the internet, but it made me stop and think again about the concept last year. It really is one of those essays where I get something out of it every time I read it. You can find it here: 

   I have recently made a mix of women lead songs. There is a song by The Ting Tings called That's Not my Name that I have fallen in love with. There is something addictive about listening to this song to me. You can find it here:

   I have also rediscovered two songs that I loved in my early 20s. Both Ska songs. One called Nobody but Me by Save Ferris that you can find here

   The other one is by Dance Hall Crashers called He Wants Me Back. The best fuck you to all lovers who want to come back, simply because the singer is happy without them. You can find it here:

   And finally I want to link to the tumblr of we need diverse books. This is a site that I have only recently found and kept up with. The name of the site is true and I always enjoy looking at the articles on there, plus it's a great site to find books that I would be interested in reading. It's a great site. you can find it here:

   I also totally forgot that we need diverse books is also on twitter, with this twitter handle: @diversebooks.

   There are my links and a Happy New Year! I am going to start up Bossy Boots Bookclub in the next week, and it starts properly in February. The books that I pick will be posted about on the last Friday on the month. I will also start to post here more often, I have been really absent from this blog the last 4 months and I really miss it, so I am going to try and post here at least once a week, in the next coming months. I'm looking forward to it.