Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Shortish Post

   So it's nearly August, and I have four things that I wanted to post about here. Before I go into what I wanted to link to, bookclub is in two weeks, Re Jane: A Novel by Patricia Park (to be posted on the 31st July), I have read about 150 pages so far, and like it a lot.

   So four things that I wanted to link to this week. First I saw this Pirate Shanty by Key and Peele. It made me laugh a lot, and it's really on point too. You can find it here:

   There is a new Podcast on Buzzfeed that I just found out about this week. It's called Another Round and it is presented by Heben and Tracy. I really like this, and have been savoring each episode. You can find it here: 
(and on ITunes). 

   I have also only a couple of days ago found out about Gilmore Guys (another podcast). It's been really fun to look at Gilmore Girls through the lens of a different perspective. I also have to confess Emily is also a favourite character of mine, that and Suki.

   I have also been listening to this song all week, it's a cover of My Boyfriend's Back by The Ravonettes. I just love it so much, so I am going to link to it here: