Sunday, 28 February 2016

January and February Letters

   As a tribute to Lora as she is all that is awesome I am doing some letters. And just for fun here is a picture of some old letters, it makes me happy that image.  

   Dear Panic Attack,
                              I have to tell you I have not missed you. It's been around seven years since I had the debilitating feeling of not being in my body. I shook, felt like throwing up and was crying. I have only had three in my life including this one, and for me it is always in public. That is the worst part for me is the concern of strangers while my body and mind have left the building. It was awful but it's over. Mercifully this one was about five minutes. Please let me have some warning next time. I would really appreciate it. 

Yours Shakily Chloe.

Dear Period,
                   I know that I have bitched about you for a long time. We have had two decades together you and I. Still I would really appreciate it if you didn't take 38 days the last time to turn up. It's just that I thought it was silly after 33 to keep expecting you, then surprise! I understand that it's been rough all the bad press. Still, keeping me hanging? I really didn't appreciate the suspense. Just to let you know. 

Yours Grumpily Chloe. 

Dear Birthday,
                     I really enjoyed my Birthday this year. So thank you to my family for making me happy. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me. I'm 32 this year so onwards and upwards. 

Yours in Excitement Chloe. 

Dear Knitting Project,
                                You have really made my month. This is a wedding gift, and it's a personal one. This has been so satisfying to make and it has made me very happy. I'm about a third done on it.

Yours Happily Chloe. 

Dear David Cameron,
                               You know just fuck you. Fuck you hard. 

Your Swearingly Chloe. 

Dear Emotional Breakdowns,
                                          I swear to God I keep having them every fucking week. I would just like to have some level time to not have some really terrible day that involves crying hysterically or lying on my bed not doing anything. I understand that I am scared, and feeling very fragile. Still this seems a little excessive non? Sometimes it's OK not to be OK but the crying jags I could really use a break from. 

Yours Tiredly Chloe. 

Dear Brain,
                 You and I are sometimes at odds, you tell me how terrible I am on a regular basis. Still sometimes you tell me that I am a good person too. Funny how I tend to remember the bad things more than the good. I only want to hear about the good from now on. The bad does not help. The good doesn't necessarily help either but it makes me feel better. I think we can come to a truce. 

Yours Calmly Chloe. 

Dear Work in Progress,
                                 I know that I can finish you. You can stop giving me dirty looks, indicating all the holes in the story, the giant glaring mistakes. I will not be defeated by your sullenness. I have been talking about you for nearly a year. I still feel passionately about the story. There is still juice in that book, I know. I am going to keep working on you. Keep going until it's finished. I am going to win. 

Yours Stubbornly Chloe. 

Dear Betties,
                   I am privileged to part of a smart, funny and supportive network of amazing women. You are all important to me.   

Yours Appreciatively Chloe. 

   I am going to end this by recommending this post from Standard Issue about their favourite  Alan Rickman roles. I think my all time favourite I agree with Sarah Millican it's Colonel Brandon. He's perfect and he does make me swoon in that movie, I think mainly because he such a stand up guy, and he's a mysterious guy. Plus with that voice I want him to read to me forever and lift me around, he'd also make me laugh, oh Alan Rickman I'll miss you on screen. I would also shout out to Metatron as well the best thing in Dogma. You can find the article here:

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Bookclub! The Sword Dancer by Jeannie Lin

   So a day late but I am going to post. February's book was The Sword Dancer by Jeannie Lin.  

   I loved the dancing, and I thought the fights were amazing. I also am not familiar with the settings and it was interesting to read about. 

   It's a good book that I would recommend. 

   Next month The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak, it will posted on the 25th of March (the last Friday of March).