Thursday, 16 February 2017

17 Things That Made Me Smile...

   I wanted to share a list of stuff that I liked and loved over 2016 and 2017 (this is going to include things that I discovered that aren't new to this year). I am going to put these in Alphabetical order, here we go:

    Agent Carter (series 1). I have a history of getting into things when they are long past being a hot topic. I spent the whole of my Birthday evening watching the first season. It's so good. Hayley Atwell does such an amazing job with the character. I've heard that the second season isn't as good but I am all for watching her kick and punch (mostly men) in the face. 

   This Buzzfeed article, 27 Books Every Women in America Should Read, you can find it here:

   Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. I have always loved this song, and always will. You can find it here:

   Crosstalk by Connie Willis. Full disclosure I have only read the first three chapter but so far I like it. I've never read her before so I'm looking forward to discovering a new voice.

   Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. I have mentioned The Austen Project before, I don't know quite what is going on with it at the moment, but updating Austen is a hard task. I think whoever re-imagined Pride and Prejudice would have gotten the most flak. This book I really loved. It's modern and I think the smartest choice was to make the Bennett sisters all a lot older. It's not perfect but I don't want perfection, it's a great read. The character of Liz got to be flawed in the modern sense and still remain my favourite heroine. YMMV. 

   I also found this year the Epic Rap Battles on YouTube. My favourites include Cinderella vs Belle and this one that you can find here:

    This rendition of Gone Missing by Maxim Park. I had never heard of this band before until I borrowed from my library a compilation of songs and this was on it. I have no idea why this hit me the way it did. I can't stop listening to it. You can find it here:

   Hidden Figures. I really like Taraji P Henson in this. She is luminous and not just because her hair and makeup are flawless in this move. She is great in anything else that I've seen her in. Special mention to Person of Interest I could not see anyone else in that role.

   I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight by Richard and Linda Thompson. This song I can't stop listening to, so, so good. You can find it here:

    The Loving Kind by Nanci Griffith. I had no idea that there was country song about the Loving case, but there is and it's great. (I could only find the live version but it's still great). You can find it here:

   My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. Kinsella has written one of my all time favourite heroes in I've Got Your Number and she writes great romances. This only came out in the last week, but it made me smile. There is also a great theme in what we tell the world and what our real lives are like.

    Netflix Stand up Specials. Netflix can be a very frustrating place, but their original content is great and their stand up specials are really good. I am going to mention three that I loved. Baby Conga by Ali Wong, she's great and doing something you hardly see, performing pregnant. I'm Gonna Die Alone (and I Feel Fine) by Jen Kirkman. This is so funny, there is another special on there that I like too. One of the Greats by Chelsea Peretti this was the first stand up I watched on this platform and she's amazing.

   Never Forget You by The Noisettes. I will love this song forever. You can find it here:

   Outlander (with a caveat). So I do like this very much, I like that you see her competence with nursing. I do ,however have a lot of problems with this, the violence I was unprepared for, the constant sexual threat Claire lives under made me really uncomfortable. The sexiness between her and Jamie is great but the violence and male to male sexual violence is disturbing. The whole things looks great but there are a lot things that made me uncomfortable about it.

   Period Piece is a web series that looks at periods historically. I really liked the one set in Ancient Rome. It made me laugh out loud. You can find it here:

   This website:

   The Women's March. It's hard to talk about without being maudlin or complacent. I wanted to say this heartened me so much, but my anger and sadness at how awful the situation is still remains (and I live in the UK, which is a whole other kettle of off fish). It's something to be proud of women sticking together over one thing. There is also a song that made me cry. Women have been prosecuted over the years, but it is women of colour, transgender women and disabled women that feminism has not only let down but persecuted itself. That Women's March made me have some hope but I know there will be many fights down the line. Still I will always be happy at the sight of a Pussy Hat.

   I wanted to finish with a few things I am looking forward to. Elizabeth Hoyt has an historical coming out in the summer, as does Tessa Dare. There is a Wonder Woman movie coming out this year, but I do have mixed feelings about this, but I hope it'll be great.I am looking forward to seeing 20th Century Women (weirdly not really excited about La La Land, dunno what that's about but never mind). I have pre-ordered from my library the book Hidden Figures so I'll be happy to dive into that.

   I am doing the Bossy Boots Bookclub this year. I have decided to do two books a month. I'm not quite decided on what I want to pick, but will let people know once I've chosen for March. And just for fun here is a picture of a clock in a book.