Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bossy Boots Bookclub: The (Late) April Edition

   I forgot about this April Edition, because get this I finished these books way early in April, opps. So no hanging about.

   A Spy in the House by Y. S. Lee. I knew nothing really going into this. I have now realised that this the first book in the series. I think there are four in total. I have to admit I didn't love it. I liked the heroine, the setting of London and the spying. It just didn't grab me, and I'm not really motivated to read the rest. It's still worth reading.

   Jane Steele by Lindsay Faye. I also knew next to nothing about this other than this is a retelling of Jane Eyre of sorts. I fell in love with this book. Each chapter starts with a quote from Jane Eyre and this Jane reads and comments on the book throughout the novel. She is a murderess but I loved her so much. It made me so happy this book, and set in a similar time period to the other book. I also bought this book in audio form for those who like their audiobooks, also just as good. If you like Jane Eyre, this is a great book to go along with it. This Jane is dark and has a lot of agency. My favourite book that I've read this year. 

   Due to me not getting Fruit of the Lemon by Andrea Levy (it's only now getting my library) May's Bookclub consists of three books.

   Bossy Boots Bookclub - May Selection:

   Fruit of the Lemon by Andrea Levy

   I know next to nothing about this book. I have not read Levy and I like the title, and that cover, so I am looking forward to this one.

   Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

   I do not know much about this book, but I like the cover, plus it's a fantasy book. I want to read more of that. Looking forward to posting about this.

   The Little Theatre by the Sea by Rosanna Ley

   I am a sucker for a book where a woman changes her life completely enrolling in something else. I like reading about different techniques (baking is a big draw for me), I also know nothing about theatres so I think this will be fun.

   All of these books to be discussed on the Friday 26th of May. Any book and anyone welcome!

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