Thursday, 4 May 2017

False Nostalgia Hole

   I spent at least half an hour to an hour looking at old posts I made last night on Facebook. It turns out this just made me sad. First of all this is not a productive use of my time, second I look at all those smiley faces and cheery tones and all I want to do is punch myself in the face.

   I keep reading studies that show that people who spend a lot of time on social media are more likely to get depressed. I think there are two issues there. Social media on any platform is a performance. It is bred into it's DNA. I don't think it's a bad thing, but it does make it interesting. It's a performance of sharing the things that you think people want to know, there is a public aspect to it. That is only part of your life that you choose to show in a public forum.

   I happen to part of a Private Facebook group that makes my life and I hope the other's that are part of it easier and shared. It is still public to that group of people but it is another form of privacy.

   There is another side to Facebook the look at how cool I am! Share this link about feminism! Please like this thing I didn't even read! It happens just as much on Twitter. I do it too. I have decided to stop. It just makes me mad at myself, I am not going to stop linking to things and having status updates but I am going to be much more selective. I want to choose things that actually mean something to me, I am not saying that I have not done this in the past but wanting other people to approve it? Fuck it.

   Looking at what other people are doing, I think I and everyone else needs to remember we are all in the performance business and deep down we are all as deeply strange and lonely as anyone else.

   Also to add it's a false form of nostalgia, my life has it's ups and downs, looking at the past resolves nothing. I wish I could do things differently but that statement is applicable to almost everyone else on earth. Facebook just gives us a version we displayed to the world in ink.

   I have also realised that I have been in Facebook for nearly a decade, there are things there that make it a helpful tool, but going down a false nostalgia hole is not one of them.


   Here is a picture of a black hole just because it's pretty.

   I am going to recommend this series of video blogs called Drunk Feminist Films. I liked all of them, but I particularly thought Crossroads, Twilight and Save The Last Dance all made me think and laugh the most. I am going to link to the Crossroads episode. You can find it here:

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